Why employees want more than tuition assistance

Workforce education and tuition assistance trends, insights and statistics from InStride’s latest employee survey of Fortune 500 companies

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What’s in the whitepaper

The future of work is now. The businesses poised for long-term success in today’s world will be the ones with engaged, innovative and highly-skilled employees. To develop and empower these workers, employers must have a strategic approach to education that’s centered around the unique needs and job responsibilities of their team members.

InStride surveyed employees at Fortune 500 companies to better understand what they really think about company-sponsored education programs.

In this whitepaper, we explore findings from the survey with insights such as:

  • Why only 2% of employees who have access to a tuition assistance program actually participate in it
  • How Starbucks took a different approach to workforce education — and achieved significantly better results
  • How to leverage the power of education to drive employee engagement, innovation and transformative business results

What’s in the whitepaper

Flexible, life-changing educational paths

With over 3,000 degrees and credentials, InStride offers options for every learner to meet the talent development needs of your organization.
Bridge skills gaps
The world is changing fast, so are the skills employees need to develop to succeed. Maximize the impact of employee skill-building, both today and well in the future.
Drive employee engagement
Your people make the difference. Provide education paths that are valuable to them, to foster employee engagement and growth.
Elevate diversity, equity & inclusion
For many, DEI in the workplace has been limited due to systemic barriers. Drive business and social impact through equal access to education for underrepresented communities.