Win at hiring: How education can entice the talent you need

The talent acquisition leader’s guide to rally support for a modern workforce education program

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What’s in the guide

The “Great Resignation” is here. Many are expected to leave their current employer within the year and others are rethinking their careers altogether. In this shifting, tight labor market, a modern approach to workforce education is more relevant than ever for companies to attract (and retain) top talent who want and need to develop in-demand skills.

Strategic Enterprise Education is that modern approach. One which addresses key challenges of your HR, L&D and the C-suite leaders. But, how do you bring all these stakeholders and their interests together for a common, very worthwhile purpose?

With this guide, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • The challenges faced by internal company stakeholders including L&D, HR and C-level leaders and how education can help solve them
  • A side-by-side comparison of traditional workforce education programs versus the modern approach, detailing how the latter strengthens your employer brand and advances company goals
  • How to kick off a collaborative discussion with key stakeholders about how workforce education can position your company as a great place to work and thrive

Download the guide to get expert advice on how to up level your recruitment efforts and move your company forward with a competitive advantage.

What’s in the guide

Flexible, life-changing educational paths

With over 2,300+ degrees and credentials, InStride offers options for every learner to meet the talent development needs of your organization.
Bridge skills gaps
The world is changing fast, so are the skills employees need to develop to succeed. Maximize the impact of employee skill-building, both today and well in the future.
Drive employee engagement
Your people make the difference. Provide education paths that are valuable to them, to foster employee engagement and growth.
Elevate diversity, equity & inclusion
For many, DEI in the workplace has been limited due to systemic barriers. Drive business and social impact through equal access to education for underrepresented communities.