Attracting top talent with workforce education

A must-have presentation template for talent acquisition leaders packed with industry statistics, success stories and more

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What’s in the template

The job responsibilities of a talent acquisition (TA) leader may not always include implementing a workforce education program. Yet, offering one can enable you and your company to attract and retain top, diverse talent while building a strong employer brand. Here’s how to present this opportunity.

Designed for TA leaders, this presentation template makes it easy for you to highlight workforce education as a talent acquisition strategy. Simply download the asset and leverage it to gain internal support for a workforce education program from other stakeholders such as HR and L&D leadership, plus CHROs.

The fully customizable template includes:

  • Key challenges and solutions: Build your case by understanding the current landscape, backed up with industry statistics.
  • Success stories: See how other leading enterprise organizations leverage workforce education as a talent acquisition strategy.
  • Additional resources: Access a sample follow-up email template to send after the presentation and relevant content with actionable tips for getting started.

The document is completely workable in Google Slides. Please be sure to "Make a Copy" from the settings so you can customize the template.

What’s in the template

More than just a benefit

Build your future-ready workforce with an education solution that's tailored to the current and future skills needs of your business and people.
Address critical skills gaps
The world is changing fast, so are the skills your employees need to succeed. Build skills that enable an agile, future-ready workforce.
Make education accessible to all
Your people make the difference. Provide education paths that are valuable to them, to foster employee engagement and growth.
Drive engagement and retention
Engage and retain your top-performers by providing education that directly aligns to career advancement opportunities.