Take workforce education further with Career Education Paths

Learn how to tie education to meaningful employee and business outcomes

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What’s in the whitepaper

More and more employers are turning to workforce education to upskill or reskill their employees. But simply offering education to employees is not enough. To drive outcomes, there has to be a connection between education, career development and the skills needs of the business.

Career Education Paths offer a strategic method of linking an employee’s education to their career goals in a way that aligns with a business’s long-term talent goals.

In short: a win-win solution.

In this whitepaper, we discuss:

  • How Career Education Paths work
  • Key benefits of Career Education Paths
  • An illustrative walkthrough of one employee's journey through a Career Education Path

What’s in the whitepaper

More than just a benefit

Build your future-ready workforce with an education solution that's tailored to the current and future skills needs of your business and people.
Address critical skills gaps
The world is changing fast, so are the skills your employees need to succeed. Build skills that enable an agile, future-ready workforce.
Make education accessible to all
Your people make the difference. Provide education paths that are valuable to them, to foster employee engagement and growth.
Drive engagement and retention
Engage and retain your top-performers by providing education that directly aligns to career advancement opportunities.