Building a resilient workforce and business through online education

Join Jonathan Lau, InStride’s Chief Learning Officer and Co-founder, as he discusses how to build resilient leadership and workplace culture to support employees and ensure business sustainability.

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The nature of the global job market can change, fast. Your business success relies on your employees, and during major disruption, it’s a reminder of how “workforce resilience” is more important than ever.

One of the best ways to build workforce resilience is by upskilling, reskilling and preparing your people for the changes ahead. This leads to resilience at an individual level, which ultimately also has a positive impact on your business.

In this webinar, Jonathan Lau, InStride’s Chief Learning Officer and Co-founder, along with John James Nicoletti, InStride’s SVP of Brand Communications, discuss:

  • What is workforce resilience and why it’s valuable to invest in employee education to build resilience in the workplace
  • Data around employee engagement and its relation to business resilience and agility
  • The business impact of workforce education on resilience from three views — company culture, leadership and individuals
  • Examples of how other companies are investing in employee growth and workforce education to foster resilience at all levels

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Flexible, life-changing educational paths

With over 2,300+ degrees and credentials, InStride offers options for every learner to meet the talent development needs of your organization.
Bridge skills gaps
The world is changing fast, so are the skills employees need to develop to succeed. Maximize the impact of employee skill-building, both today and well in the future.
Drive employee engagement
Your people make the difference. Provide education paths that are valuable to them, to foster employee engagement and growth.
Elevate diversity, equity & inclusion
For many, DEI in the workplace has been limited due to systemic barriers. Drive business and social impact through equal access to education for underrepresented communities.