Bridging the gender gap: How to empower women through education

Women are leaving the workforce in staggering numbers. Hear from top female leaders as they discuss steps for elevating gender diversity in the workplace through education.

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With women leaving the workforce in staggering numbers, companies risk losing their current and future female leaders, unwinding years of progress toward gender diversity.

Join panelists Lynne Doughtie, former CEO of KPMG, Judi Seltz, CHRO at Labcorp, and Michelle Westfort, Chief University Officer at InStride for a discussion on how top organizations are developing their pipeline of female talent for the future.

You'll walk away with:

  • Powerful insight into the barriers that limit women at work and advice on how to address them
  • Real-life examples of how to better support female employees on the path to leadership
  • Best practices for delivering workforce education that equips your employees with the skills they need to advance their careers

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Elevate diversity, equity & inclusion
For many, DEI in the workplace has been limited due to systemic barriers. Drive business and social impact through equal access to education for underrepresented communities.